BC Game Official License

BC Game holds an official Curacao gaming license.

Prohibited Areas

Although Curacao Gaming License is recognized worldwide, there are some restricted countries to BC Game where clients are not accepted and cannot register either through the website or mobile app. The list are as follows: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Australia, Bahamas, Botswana, Belgium, Bulgaria, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Ghana, Guyana, Hong Kong, Italy, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Mexico, Namibia, Nicaragua, North Korea, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Sudan, Syria, Taiwan, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States of America, Yemen, Zimbabwe.

Waiver of Brand Ownership

Despite BC Game casino complies with the current legislation of Curacao Gambling Commission, the Curacao Gambling Commission cannot be considered as a franchise in legal term which is responsible for the BC Game’s brand actions. Gambling Commission is a public body funded who decide if online casino is acting in a fit and proper manner.

In this regard, BC Game online has its owns liability waivers (also known as waivers of brand ownership). Waivers of brand ownership are legal representatives hired to protect BC Game from legal claims or lawsuits in the event of an accident, injury, or damage. BC waivers of brand ownership serve as a legal defense in case of a lawsuit. With the Waiver being signed, BC Game online casino agrees to release the itself on its own from liability, making it more challenging for them to hold the waiver provider accountable for any injuries, damages, or losses sustained. In case of BC Game, waiver of brand ownership is s third-party affiliated entity, which regulates legal activity of the whole BC Game online casino.


BC Game trademark is wholly owned by the BC Game owners and is not related to the Curacao Gambling Commission to to waivers of BC Game brand ownership neither as a legal property nor as a subject of bearing legal responsibility. Speaking about trademark we mean BC Game logo, brand name as well as unique tagline that represents it. The main purpose of a BC Game Trademark in its business activity is to help products/services stand out among the rest of the gambling market.