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Explore BC Game's bonuses and promotions.

First Deposit Bonus

When you create an account at BC Game, you are awarded a casino welcome bonus. It consists in the fact that after registering on the platform, your first deposit will be compensated with bonuses. You have 20 minutes after you sign up on the platform to deposit a minimum of $10. Following this, you will receive a 300% deposit bonus.

Get a 300% deposit bonus on BC Game.

Tuesday & Thursday Deposit Bonus

Our offer will definitely create a furor, because you have never seen anything like it before. Get up to $10,000 with our 100% deposit bonus every Tuesday and Thursday. To qualify, submit a deposit of $30 or more and as an extra benefit, get a free lottery ticket. It is important to point out that this award is only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with a limit of one bonus claim per day.

Double your deposit on Tuesdays and Thursdays with BC Game.

BCD Deposit Bonus

Get the most out of your gaming experience with BC Game’s incredible offer. Claim the chance to enhance your deposits with our 4-level Crypto deposit bonus. In addition to increasing your Crypto balance, you also get the exclusive opportunity to own our unique Crypto coin, BC Dollar. Leverage it freely to enhance your gameplay. The only thing you are required to do is deposit any cryptocurrency available on the platform. A bonus in BCD will be given to you and you can use it to play all the proprietary games and slots available on the platform.

1st deposit
  • Deposit from $30 to $80, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 120%;
  • Deposits from $80 to $400, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 150%;
  • Deposit – from $400, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 270%.
2nd deposit
  • Deposit from $60 to $120, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 150%;
  • Deposits from $120 to $600, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 225%;
  • Deposit – from $600, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 300%.
3rd deposit
  • Deposit from $120 to $300, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 150%;
  • Deposits from $300 to $1,500, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 225%;
  • Deposit – from $1,500, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 330%.
4th deposit
  • Deposit from $150 to $400, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 150%;
  • Deposits from $400 to $3,000, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 225%;
  • Deposit – from $3,000, the opportunity to claim a bonus of 360%.

How to Unlock BCD?

BCD is the BC Game Dollar virtual currency for bonuses. BCD has a 500% wagering requirement, and the more you have of this the more rewards you will be able to get.

Find out how to unlock BCD at BC Game.

Lucky Wheel in BC Game

The Wheel of Fortune bonus has received some advantageous changes for you. With each rotation, you have a better chance of winning big. Turn the wheel before you even sign up to win up to $5. Before you withdraw your winnings from this bonus, remember to fulfill the wagering requirements. The payout requirement for spinning the lucky wheel is 60 times the amount of winnings on the wheel.

Spin BC Game's Lucky Wheel for lucrative prizes.

Level Up Bonus

Reach new heights with our Level Up Bonus. Increase your level up bonus each time you play thanks to a new level reached. We have increased the level up bonus for VIP 38+ players so that it is a bit higher than the normal level up bonus available at lower levels.

Elevate rewards by leveling up at BC Game.

Join the VIP Club

The BC Game VIP level system goes from bronze (VIP 2-7) all the way to diamond (VIP 38-55), each associated with bigger rewards. Certain benefits that are only available to members of the VIP Club include increased deposit limits, quicker withdrawal times, and bonuses.

Learn how you can join VIP Club and gain it`s benefits at BC Game.

Free Roll Competitions

Players may compete for rewards in free roll competitions, which don’t charge an admission fee. Players must register for the tournament and abide by the regulations in order to take part. Then, you just compete against other players for a prize, specifically the one who gets the top score.

Participate in free roll competitions, and win money at BC Game.

BC Game Bonus Code

If you have been searching for free coins, then it is the right time. BC Game has a great chance to get free coins. Bonus codes and bonus links are codes or links that include free coins with no wagering requirements. The coins will stay with you once you activate the bonus code or bonus link. Regularly, these bonuses are posted on BC Game’s social media accounts and forum, along with special events. It is very simple to get this bonus:

  1. Copy the entire code.
  2. Log in to your game account, enter the code in the appropriate field.
  3. Enjoy free coins without any wagering requirements or withdrawal restrictions.
Get free coins with BC Game bonus codes.

How to Use BC Game Bonuses?

Using bonuses at BC Game is easy and simple thanks to clear recommendations. Any bonus received is intended for the section of all levels of entertainment in our portfolio. Here are instructions on how to use the BC Game bonus:

  1. Have a registered account with a positive balance on your gaming account.
  2. Go to the section with bonuses, look at their list and select the one you want.
  3. Read the rules for receiving and wagering it before withdrawing.
  4. Participate in the bonus program and receive your treasured rewards.
Use BC Game bonuses with ease.

Terms and Conditions

All bonuses at online casinos have their Terms of Conditions which outline how the bonus can be used, on what, during what time, and so on. Here are the main terms for you to get familiar with:

  • Wagering Requirements. Must be satisfied in order to take bonus money out.
  • Bonus Expiration. There is a deadline for bonuses.
  • Restrictions on Games. Certain games could not count toward wagering requirements.
At BC Game to use bonuses you need to follow it`s terms and conditions.

How to Withdraw BC Game Bonuses?

To initiate the withdrawal of bonus funds that are on your gaming account, make sure that all wagering conditions are met. Then proceed to their withdrawal:

  1. Access BC.Game and go to the “Withdrawal” section.
  2. Pick the withdrawal method you are interested in using.
  3. Input the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the transaction.
  4. Once the transaction is confirmed, the funds will be sent to your payment method.
Withdraw funds from BC Game using simple steps.


Can I Unlock BCD Without Wagering?

As you continue to play different games on the BC Game platform, the BCD bonus will unlock on its own. No limitations on which games to bet on. You can pick any slot machine or your own original game with the lowest casino advantage to wager on and unlock the BCD rewards.

Can I Cancel My Deposit Bonus?

Participants may cancel the bonus at their choice. Cancelation, however, causes any bonus earnings to be deducted and the bonus funds are deleted.

How do I Withdraw Funds Won in Lucky Wheel?

Yes, it is available. This requires you to fulfill the wagering requirements before making a withdrawal. The wagering requirement for Wheel of Fortune rewards is 60 times the amount of winnings on the wheel.

How to Claim Bonus?

In order to get a bonus, players need to accept the bonus offer, fulfill the wagering requirements, and then you will be able to withdraw it.

How to Unlock Bonus?

Unlocking a bonus is only done through wagering, so make sure to finish any necessary wagering, and then according to wagering of 1% * 20% your bonus will be unlocked with Rakeback


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